Saturday, April 22, 2017


Welcome to my blog folks ... !!!

I decided to write my own blog after a nice holiday experience at Goa, India to keep the memories of my travel experience and share them to the world, so that first time visitors to this magnificent location called 'Goa', may find something useful for planning their own trip.

My blog starts with the 'Prejudice' that I had in my mind about going on a holiday at Goa, India.

Some rough 'Plan' stuff, that I did before jumping into the holidays and some tips for newbie traveler going for first time at Goa, India.

I have posted my travel 'Expenses' in details as well, that may guide one to decide their own budget for the trip.

A page on what my 'Conclusion' was, after a relaxing yet exciting holiday at Goa, India.

All my day to day activities are roughly described in the pages thereafter.

That's it, have fun and enjoy the nature's bliss at Goa, India. 

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